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Summer. Vacation. Home.

June 16, 2011

Originally, I wanted to write a reflection post on this school year, but…just no time. Last day of school was today, and I leave for the airport in about an hour and a half. Along with a many other teachers, I got the earliest flight possible. It seems appropriate to get sentimental at this point, with so many of us going our separate ways. It just hasn’t hit me yet.

What can I really say with just a few minutes left before I’m on my way to the airport?

It scares me just a little to think how comfortable I’m getting here. This is the first year since I was 19 that I have not moved. Every year since, I have changed addresses, boxed my things, and returned the keys. This year, I do not have to do that and it feels great! I can leave my desk at home cluttered, a shirt or two in the hamper. Looking around my apartment now, it’s filled with green pants of different sizes, paintings on the walls, books on the shelves, floor mats of varying colors, a portable black wall partition, a sully-stocked kitchen, and a this feeling of…home. For now it’s just that.

But before I go back to my home in the PAC NW…check out these two weeks I got planned:

In two weeks, I will:
– visit 5-6 cities in 3-4 countries (Belguim is a maybe)
– Stay in 5 hostels
– Stay 2 nights in Couch Surfing host’s home.
– Hike Alps.
– Ride bicycle in Amsterdam.
– Use 5-Day Eurail Train Pass.
– Say goodbye to best friend in Heidelberg (before he trains it through Russia and Mongolia, and moves back to the states).
– Fly Frankfurt to Seattle.

Thanks for reading. Not sure if I’ll do this blog again next year. My friends are at the door…I’ve got to get going.

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  1. renato rongcal permalink
    June 23, 2011 7:22 pm

    enjoy and have safe trip, luv u.

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