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Planes, Trains, and…Tuk-Tuks

April 30, 2011

Nick, Ben, and I spent our Spring Break in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Koh Chiang, Thailand.

This hardly does Angkor Wat justice, the largest religious monument in the world! The grounds are well over 1 sq km, with a moat around it that looks more like a rectangular river. You may recognize it from a little movie called, Tomb Raider.

All the temples we are over 1,000 years old, this one is no exception. Amazing architecture.

Some of the temples they let you climb the steps that were originally meant only for priests to climb in order to communicate with the gods. The grade was dangerously steep, and on others we just had to climb the steps like mountain climber.

Me at Buddhist Temple outside Ankor. This picture was taken by a local Cambodian who suckered me into giving him three bucks for giving me a tour of the temple and taking pictures for me. I still think I got the better end of the deal.

We saw at least a dozen monkeys outside of the Ankor Wat temple just hangin' out.

Smiling Buddhas at sunset

Smiling Buddha up close

How these trees grow this way is crazy! 

An "at-your-own-risk" descent

Nick, Ben, and I making our way to a waterfall.

In Siem Reap they do the 3 Rs. This man is re-using Whiskey bottles to store propane. The propane in this picture being used to fuel our tuk-tuk.

Laura and I in Koh Chiang. Along with the nation-wide water fight in celebration of the Thai New Year, locals also like to celebrate by smearing wet talcum powder on strangers' faces and bodies.

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