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From K to Z

November 25, 2010
Pics from Zanzibar – Eid Al Adha 2010 

Sunset from the ferry we took from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar. Pretty rockin’ boat- not the cool kind, though. We were all supplied with our own sea-sickness bag.

Right outside our hostel in Stone Town. I always felt bad when I asked strangers if I could take their picture, but most seemed okay with it. The lady cooking in the back felt better turning away from me. But how cute is the little girl!

Ben and Talena safe within their mosquito nets.

Me and Ben had some a great long conversation with these guys on a beach in Nungwi, topics ranging form corruption in Africa to the difference between African women and European women. The man on the left is a member of the Masai. We exchanged emails and I'm hoping to correspond with him in January when our class studies Africa. He's currently attending school in Dar, and calls himself a historian. Later on the guy on the right insisted that we go to his friend's restaurant a few minutes away on the beach, raving about the food and the atmosphere. It's there I ordered the Baracuda and got a back...a chicken pizza. That's the last time I trust a tanzanian with a red, white, and blue hat.

On our way to snorkel off the coast of Matamwe. Not sure what these guys were doing. Fishing?

Our "captain" tossing the anchor in the water before our dive. The snorkeling makes me wish I new more about marine life, so I could say more than, "I saw a bunch of colorful fish!" Afterwards on the boat, I had the best pineapple and bananas I've ever had in my life!











Took this picture from a outdoor restaurant and I saw this kid walking from the beach with an octopus in his hand. Mmm...octopus.





On the way to Paje we rode in Dala Dala with a sacrificial cow carcas, hence, the blood on my shirt and shorts. That's the real short version of the story, anyway.







Matamwe village children passing the time.








From our bungalow in Paje, looking out into the Indian Ocean.


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